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My 10,000-hour journey of illustration began in photography, pixels were morphed into digital art, expanded via pigments in traditional Arts and Graphic design to build and hone the skills required for my imagery creation and layout design. 

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Spicy graphite
Spicy graphite

Graphite Spice- Chilli, Ginger, Garlic, Cardamom....

I am a few weeks into a short Botanical illustration course and these are a few drawings so far. I really love the beauty of nature- including food and of course all those delicious flavours- in particular gorgeous herbs and spices.
Slowly I am becoming more comfortable with my graphite nemesis, and am really enjoying the scientific application of drawing to my imagery to create an accurate and life-like illustration. I look forward now to new explorations into scientific illustration, infographics and the design and illustration of scientific principles and concepts.

Original post blogged on 9th October 2018, Re-blogged due to moved domain.