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My 10,000-hour journey of illustration began in photography, pixels were morphed into digital art, expanded via pigments in traditional Arts and Graphic design to build and hone the skills required for my imagery creation and layout design. 

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Sumi-e Art Story - Human Energy

My personal project, ‘Human energy’- is a series I have been working on for a while now, and I’m very excited that it will be released by Nooobooks publishing imprint very soon as a Sumi-e art story.

The artworks were an evaluation of a feeling or human energy and an exploration of it in spontaneous ink painting, each piece being titled with the mood. Some being love, dance and life.
Upon reflection of the series the titles became a story and now the story has become a book.

Sort of like an ‘art picture book’ an illustrated short story.

While brush hand lettering the text for this book I released that it was these tools- (Sumi and fudé) which began my exploration of traditional art techniques, which I found much more satisfying than a pixel or vector line.

While I don't do Manga style art, I fell in love with the tools - the inks- nibs- fudé - and Chinese calligraphy brushes, and use them regularly in much of my imagery, while I chase the making of the perfect mark.

I re-lived how frustrating it can be trying to get the perfect line - which is very obvious when painting letters with fudé. Push on, push through the self doubt wobbling your lines with it’s energy, and try to remember it’s a worthwhile chase to find the right balance of perfect and imperfect touch.

ISBN-13: 978-0-6484962-0-5

***UPDATE*** Human Energy is now available, click on ISBN or image for link to purchase on Amazon.

A.door.able Italia
A.door.able Italia

My latest Fine Art photography calendar of twelve a.door.able doors in Italy was released today (yay) and is available in link and via all good book stores.
If the favourable computer fairies come to play for a while- a Monochrome Door Calendar will be released shortly..... unless they don't then you might need to wait a bit.

The doors in Italy are so beautiful, to live behind one would be such a lovely welcome on your return home.

Original post blogged on 14th November 2018, Re-blogged due to moved domain.

Italy Blue Sky Corners
Italy Blue Sky Corners

Italy truly is an amazing and beautiful place to visit, the weather was superb when we were there earlier this year, and the food was -- AMAZING--  I hope I get the opportunity to return very soon as I absolutely adore it.

I have just published this Fine Art Wall Calendar available for sale now at Amazon or the Book Depository along with other calendars such as "Painterly Sorrento"  (Melbourne- not Italy), and some black and white surf and beach themed titles

Original post blogged on 6th November 2018, Re-blogged due to moved domain.