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A spontaneous Sumi-e art picture book exploring human energies, such as love, life and dance, now available.
ISBN-13: 978-0648496205

To portray the essence (Ch'i) of Nature in an individual brush stroke, where the emphasis is placed on the beauty of each stroke, rather than to mimic realism, is a vital ingredient of Sumi-e. Sumi-e is a Japanese word for a style of black ink painting. 
This is an Art story picture book, each ink stroke evokes poetic imagery of the nature and energy of humans’ being and the (short) story is hand brush lettered.
‘Human Energy’ illustrations are figurative spontaneous abstract art, they explore human energies such as love, life and dance. Each piece was titled with a corresponding mood, upon reflection of the series, the titles became a story and the story become a book, an art picture book.

Published February 2019
Book is available in the online book world.

Currently in the process of transferring the Title to wholesale channels, stay tuned.


2019 marks the beginning of a small publishing imprint“NoooBooks, and will bring some exciting interactive and illustrated publications.


What is that Smell?

Bam the Bee suddenly notices he can smell. He finds an amazing perfume which takes him on a wonderful journey across the interesting land, meeting many quirky characters and friends along the way.

If you or your child is young at heart and likes adventure, this slightly quirky modern day Fairy tale will take you on a fun journey with Bam to discover what that smell is.

ISBN-13: 978-1984017925

What  IS  that smell?

What IS that smell?

Want to come along with Bam to find out what is that smell?

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