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Nooobooks is a boutique publishing imprint specialising in
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Human Energy is a Sumi-e
art story

A spontaneous Sumi-e art picture book exploring human energies, such as love, life and dance, now available.
ISBN-13: 978-0648496205

“Human Energy”

Sumi-e is a Japanese word for a style of black ink painting.
To portray the essence (Ch'i) of Nature in an individual brush stroke, where the emphasis is placed on the beauty of each stroke, ——rather than to only mimic realism, is a vital ingredient of Sumi-e.

This is an Art story picture book, each ink stroke evokes poetic imagery of the nature and energy of humans’ being.
‘Human Energy’ illustrations are figurative spontaneous abstract art, they explore human energies such as love, life and dance. Each piece was titled with a corresponding mood, upon reflection of the series, the titles became a story and the story become a book,
an art picture book.