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Tri-Dot: Triangle-Dot Grid Notebook

Tri-Dot: Triangle-Dot Grid Notebook

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This paperback Notebook has a feint grid of triangle-dots for quick horizontal, vertical and angled guidelines, and is designed for quick reference and organisation of your notes,

Tri-dot grid, 6mm spacing. Inverted solid triangles dot grid have 65-degree sides on left and right from baseline extending down towards the apex.

* 65-degree tri-dot slants can be joined for quick cursive writing guidelines, as well as X and Y axis guides.

* 3 table of contents pages

* pages are numbered

* 164 pages

* 50lb white paper

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Great for your creative play- calligraphy, logos, architecture- offering 3 sets of guides, X, Y and the triangles also enable quick guides on left and right 65 degree slants, also great for left handed people.